Fit at 6

One of the hardest realizations I’ve had to face, more recently, is the wear and tear 4 kids have left on my body. From 08′ to 13′ (w/ exception 12″ …the year of begging for another) ive given birth annually! Now, I am left to pick up the pieces. ..of me that are recognizable that is. Here ill post fitness pics. Not so much caption because they’ll be pretty self explanatory.

To start im 27y, 5’4, 165lb, with 4 kids. 2, 3. 7, 7 ..they’re 10 m apart, so technically 7,8.

Anywho. Im officially trying to break old habits and become a better ..milfier me! By working out daily and eating healthier most days without flavor compromise!

Enjoy the pics of my journey, and please share your inspiring stories!