No Double Dipping

Its almost summer and my favorite thing to do is barbeque marinated chicken thighs. Ok, it’s a cheat meal because they come premarinated from Marianas Market so a little less sweat, but its deeeeelish!

Today is not about chicken though,  its all about the SALSAS! They’re the real star of show! You can top your chicken tacos with them, top your eggs, add them to salads, spice up an average chicken breasts, or simply enjoy them with chips!

So, first is my favorite roasted pepper salsa.  I was introduced to this type of salsa at Ricardo’s Mexican Restaraunt in Las Vegas. It really surpassed my usual grocery store pickens. It was fresh, vibrant and pretty, full of flavor,  and so awesome enough that I went home and made my own rendition!

Salsa time!


All and any peppers you like.
I like red, green, yellow, and jalapeño
Red onion



Then blend till your salsa consistency preference.

Mix with 👇👇

Dice some roma tomatoes

Lime juice, salt, and even TOBASCO to taste! 


Easy money!


Tip: You can thin the salsa out with a little water!

Next, I’ll share my take on a more traditional salsa,  Pico de gallo.


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