Perfect Peanut Butter Protein Shake or 3P Shake

I’ve been adding more weightlifting to my workout regimen and to help with replacing the protein, ive been experimenting with EVOLUTION by Intek its very low in carbs and the flavor is super delicious! When blended its smooth and far from supplementy tadting. In fact,  the guy at the fitness store told me,  the flavor vanilla,  which is what i have, is often sold out by a local bakery!

In addition, I’m also now a huge fan of PBfit Peanut Butter Powder … Man I love this 2tbs only contain 50 grams of calories!  2tbs of my traditional pb cost  (yes cost you pay later on the treadmill) about 170 calories ! The flavor is shockingly IMHO better than regular peanut butter.

On to the shake. .
This shake packs close to 40 grams of protein even more if you isr plain greek yogurt! 


Intek vanilla protein powder
PBfit Peanut butter powder
Yogurt, i like strawberry

Simply add all ingredients and blend until smooth.  That simple. 



Do you protein?  What are your favorite recipes? 




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