Best Big Game Appetizer

Like many people Im stressing about the Big Game.  Not about who my chips are on,  or whether or not people will show up to watch with me,  but if ill even be able to freaking tune in!

You may have guessed. .. I have cox. 

Such a bummer.  Welp where there’s beef. .. Make rotel dip.  Yes, pun intended! 



Onion powder
Seasoned salt
Garlic salt (powder preferred for less sodium)
Black pepper
Can of rotel
Velveeta cheese
Ground beef

Begin by browning beef on medium heat.   Drain. Then season to taste.  Brown a little more.  Then add diced velveeta cheese and a can of rotel. 


Continue to stir or medium low heat.



When it looks like cheesy beefy goodness that you want to run away with.  …. that’s when it’s done!



My family enjoys this dip most with  spicy nacho doritos!  We recently discovered even xtra hot cheetos worked well 😋😋



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