Hot Tamales

I want to share my semi recipe with you.  Why call it semi?  Because I’m going to share most of the recipe… not the measurements .. I know its annoying, but I love the idea. Im actually working on a cook book to pass on to my children using that same idea.  Not only will it make them come together when comparing what measurements work,  but it will allow for a lot of creativity and interesting conversations.

Today’s weather happened to be my favorite kind. Wet, cold, gloomy, and just a inside kind of day!  Served best with my husband having the day off!  So  i decided hot tamales would be good I also made rotel dip. . That’s a whole other story. . And an apple pie!  Just a yummy caloric splurge day!

Now to the hot tamales.. i dont know why we call them Hot because they’re really closer to mild.  My mama taught me how to make them and that’s what she calls them.  She is from Louisiana so I attribute the verbiage to her southern isms!


So, hot tamales. .



Ground beef


Bell pepper



Chili powder

Chili pepper flakes

Seasoned salt

Corn husks

Tomatoe sauce

To start dice Bell pepper and garlic. Fry bell peppers and half the garlic in oil. Low and slow until soft. Add beef, seasonings, reserved garlic, and tomatoe sauce to the meat.  Depending on spice you can add more or less sauce.

Tip: reserve garlic shells and bell pepper cap to use in the pot you cook the tamales in.  

Mean while clean the corn husks by immersing in warm salt water.  Removing silk,  dead bugs,  and whatever else you don’t want to possibly ingest.  I like to cut mine for uniformity.


Prep the cornmeal mixture. By adding cornmeal season as desired.  I use all the same seasonings from the meat mix but less. Taste the juice if flavorful add oil.

At this point it is time to prep your work area so things can go as smoothly as possible because it’s time to get rolling!

cornmeal mix,  spoons, cleaned husks,  meat, and foil squares.

Here are some pictures to show the rolling process.  TIP : keep things MOIST! THIS WILL BE VERY MESSY if your OCD can really cause some stress.  But relax it will be ok and extremely delicious scrumptious dillyumptious!

You can stack them as you roll them.  I never put more than 6 in a pack.  I also always make a small test pack of 1 or 2. If you stuff them with a lot of meat..i call those fatties..  you can make 3or4 per pack.

Now prep your water in a large pot deep enough to hold the packs of tamales and the water.  Add water, oil , the garlic husks, bell pepper caps, seasoning and remaining tomatoe sauce.

Make about 4 slits per pack then add to the water.  Cover and bring to a boil then finish on medium low.

My mom says you only need to boil them about 2 hrs. I always go about 3-4 hrs and let them rest 1hr min.  Being you can open them before they’re set and it will be done but loose. They always taste best the next day!

So yummy and moist and delicious. I think its served best with TOBASCO and a side salad with french dressing!  Mmmm mmm mmm!!

My husband likes to throw all my hard work out the window and use KETCHUP!

Well, I really hope you get a chance to create this recipe and find what works for you with the seasonings!  Please share your experience with me!





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